Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sharathon 2012

Our 13th Sharathon is over, with an overwhelming achievement thanks to Central Ontario donors!

Volunteer and staff passes

Going into each Sharathon, I always get "a vibe", which is not an indicator of the outcome. Certainly not prophetic! Regardless, my vibe this year was one of uncertainty. We were trying something different with the monthly goal. Like last year, the goal was $23,000 but instead of starting with the on-going givers which takes us to about $21,000, we decided to announce the difference which was $2,200. In the end we reached $24,518, beyond our expectations!

Ben Davy

Janice Baird - Keep track of donations

In the monthly we originally were going to stay at $100,000 so as to not appear greedy, but in truth, our fundraising initiatives has not gone well. So, to make up for it we set a goal of $125,000 which, by the end of Sharathon, became $148,487. We usually get 95% of the pledges so we'll be in good shape for another year!

L-R Chris Bray, Kyle Jenkins (volunteer runner), Naomi Jones, Brad Jones (back), Rozz Maassarany(promotions), Tim Maassarany, Crystal Summers (back), Janice Baird, Maria Lopez (front), AJ The Wonderdog, Marliene Cathline (reception, front), Billy Chase (volunteer runner, behind), me Scott Jackson, Jordan Cruz (behind), Evan Duran, Steve Jones (up front), Junky Rhodes, Tim Van Dky (producer), Ben Davy.
Chris Bray and me

Many of you may know that I suffer from clinical depression and take meds each day. It was my hope that I would not have any bouts during Sharathon, where I am needed on the air and as a team leader, but I was not so lucky. At 4pm Wednesday I crashed and could not recover so I went home to take a nap and sleep it off. It didn't work so I didn't return to Sharathon that day. The next day started where I left off and after two disastrous on-air breaks, I went to the Georgian gym for an hour. It worked. The workout refreshed my spirit and I was feeling "on" for the all-important 5-7:30pm wrap-up shift, which we call "the home stretch".

Maria Lopez

Phone Central - decorations by Crystal Summers and Janice Baird

Me and Steve Jones

March 28-29 - "Lift Me Up" - Spectacular days!

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