Thursday, February 28, 2013


Kids. Sometimes they won’t eat their dinner or go to bed on time but your kids call you Dad and Mom, and to them you hold their world together.

As parents your time is short. So read books to your kids, play ball, go to their school shows and brag to your friends about your amazing kids. Kids spell love with four letters - T I M E. Quality time, hang time, downtime, anytime and all the time.

Cherish the children who share your name. Jesus said, whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013


On the main street....great visibility!
Tonight (Sunday), the crowd at Gateway Worship Centre in Gravenhurst were THE BEST AUDIENCE - ever!

It isn't never about size - it's about enthusiasm!
There was probably 80 people - which was near packed out. People arrived at church 45 minutes before church!  Now really...people don't NEVER go to church EARLY!  Most people show up LATE and they hide in the back row, as if the best seats in the front are reserved for lepers. (Nobody sits in the front)

Gateway people came out wearing their LIFE 100.3 gear - toques, hoodies, t-shirts - some people wore combos! Pastor Phil had his "Bad Company Corrupts LIFE" shirt!
Pastor Phil Tomassetti with his "Bad Company Corrupts" tee!

The worship band invited me to sit in on drums - that's always fun. But what made this night great was the volume! The monitors on stage were a perfect mix -and loud! Like a rock concert! I was banging on an acoustic kit - with sticks, no hotrods! They like it loud! We kicked thru six songs led by Jay Mac on keys, accompanied by two guitars, bass, and two female singers!

Pastor Phil introduced me as the guest speaker. Based on the enthusiastic response to worship, I was kinda hoping that would translate to an attentive audience during my message. Attentive - yes. They laughed, applauded our new LIFE video, encouraged me with "amens".

To be honest, it's rare that I don't enjoy speaking to an audience. Even on days when I'm not up to it, something turns around and my hestiation turns into pleasure.

Tonight was one of those nights I won't forget! Pastor Phil Tomassetti - the rest of the band - the audience at Gateway - bless you guys! Thanks for your kind words, the generous love offering, the laughter (especially when my jokes bombed!) - and for cheering on my staff!

Monday, February 18, 2013

FAMILY DAY (lame name)

Proclaiming one day every February as "Family Day" is, to me, kind of goofy.

A day to celebrate Easter, ok - that's a specific event. Labour Day (whatever that is), ok another event. Canada Day - to honour our dominion - ok, sure. But a day to focus on your family?
If you need a day off work to spend time with your family, your priorities are surely screwed up. You should be doing that every day.

And if you use your governmentally proclaimed "Family Day" to do anything other than being with your family, you're really screwed up.

So, Family Day for me was spent with my wife, and daughter and son-in-law and grandson and poodle and cockapoo - at our house, hanging out for a couple of meals, walking to the park and enjoying a beautiful winter day. A bit uneventful, but family-based.

A good day!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Trying to keep my chin up.

After being away on vacation for a week, we returned, very grateful that the nasal cancer had not gave Callie any greater discomfort. However Tuesday things changed.

The overnights are awful. She has trouble breathing, both through her nose and mouth. I'm guessing the cancer has grown into her throat and/or lungs. The gasping and gurgling was so bad that I held her in my arms, waiting for it all to end. The breathing slowed down to near silence - I thought it was over. It wasn't.

The next day I went to the vet and picked up some doggie pain killers. There is 12 in the bottle. I said to the vet, "I don't think I'm going to need that many."

Janice and I have decided that we're not going to let her die alone so one of us will stay with her. Callie continues to come to work with us. The staff like her. She likes being with people.

Yesterday we took her for a walk and she was pulling on the leash as usual so she's still got power and enthusiasm but the gulping was severe, even as she pulled us down the street.

When things are bad, I look into her eyes trying to access what to do. This afternoon, between gulps and snorting, she kissed me repeatedly. Soon after she was perky, eating, playing with toys, watching Animal Planet and tried to bite the TV screen. (Yes, we go thru many bottles of Windex!)

We have a plan so when our emotions are out of control we can get on track with the plan.

Right now, she's sleeping and keeping me company.

Monday, February 11, 2013


I've lived in Barrie for 15 years. I know that the first week of February is the coldest and usually there's a fat snow storm, so, that's the week we try to escape - to anywhere hot.

Last week we took a cruise with Holland America through the Caribbean. Don't ask me, "did you cruise eastern or western" like you know what you're talking about coz if you did you would know that it's all the same! Lots of Bob Marley t-shirts, over-priced excursions, sun, beaches, people trying to braid your hair, everyday, everywhere, and jewelry for 75% off.  They have as many jewelry stores as we do donut stores! Everywhere!

We picked this specific cruise because of the Christian music aspect. It was a "Kathy Troccoli and Friends" cruise. (KT is my wife's favourite artist). The guests were Point of Grace, Don Moen, Scott Krippayne, and comedian Ellie Loafaro. All the artists are a bit girly for me and the audience was 80% women over age 50, but - the ministry time is awesome. I mean, the cruise is amazing to begin with, but adding the Christian component, the songs, the story-telling, the real life stuff - it's always a good time. (I've been twice)

There were seven nights of shows. One artist each night, and three nights where they each sang two songs, and then group songs.

Great moments:

Kathy - singing "My Life Is In Your Hands". It really sums up what we're about.
Group - singing "Shout To The Lord"
Don - singing "Arise" - even if I wasn't a Christian I would love this song!
Scott - singing "I Wanna Sing".
Ellie - reminding us that when we get back home, there might be bad things waiting for us, "it may not be alright, but YOU'LL be alright". Considering the junk I left back home - I needed to hear that.
Kathy - telling us - "You say you want to be a Christian, but do you want to be holy?" I sense a definite line separating our commitment as Christians and what we think is acceptable behaviour. I've struggled with this concept for 20 years. After working in Nashville it seemed almost everyone ignored the line. Now, I think I see the difference of where I want to be.

Other great moments:

Usually the food is "ok", but this time, it really was great!
The gym - had it almost to myself everyday. I guess the over 50's aren't gym rats.
The beach at Half Moon Key in the Bahamas - just like a postcard photo - amazing.'

And the great moments in photos:

 Our ship is the one on the left! Haha!

 Hangin' at the beach at Grand Turk.

 Everyone dressed up for a formal dinner - L-R Don Moen, Ellie Loafaro, Jennifer Somebody, Kathy Troccoli, the 3 Point of Grace girls - Shelley, Lee and Denise, and Scott Krippayne.

Bike riding in the Bahamas - a "strenuous" 3-mile ride.

Bored on board.

Don Moen and Janice.

Ellie Loafaro.

In the Bahamas, hanging with the horses.

I think this is Grand Turk - they all look the same. Our ship on the left.

Janice with her hero - KT.

On the bike ride we stopped for the Stingrays.

Apparently, John Glenn the astronaut missed Florida and landed near Grand Turk. There's a souvenir shop next to the display. The model capsule is actual size. Yikes!

Good times in Grand Turk.