Monday, November 6, 2017


It's kind of funny that I'm writing this. I don't see myself as in outstanding shape compared to some other people. I'm not an exercise expert but I think I'm doing ok for my age. Mostly, I like to encourage people. Encourage them to create, to stay busy and active. Be busy working. Help someone who needs help. Keep yourself tuned in to God and take care of your physical body for the short time you have it.

So, as you read this, it is not meant to be an informative "how to exercise". This is just what I do for myself, and maybe it'll be something you might want to do.

I've been asked, why post gym photos on Facebook? The answer to that is "motivation". If I can motivate someone to get up off their lazy bums and exercise, I think I've helped someone. When I see other people post their activity, it nudges me. I have a couple of friends who text me their "routine from yesterday" - sort of like accountability.

I only stay at hotels that have free weight gyms.
So why a home gym?  Don't I get distracted?  Ya, sometimes.  Going to a gym in the city is great because you're surrounded by people who want to get in shape - and there's nothing else to do.

At home, there ARE distractions - like the fridge, the phone, the dog, the TV, someone at the door. But it saves me from getting in a cold winter car and driving back into town.

I moved from Barrie to the country five years ago. When my annual membership at the Georgian Gym was up for renewal, I decided to spend the renewal money on home equipment. My whole gym cost me less than $1,000. I started with a bench and a couple of dumbbells and then added on, later.

  • Incline/flat bench
  • Dumbbells (pairs) of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50's.
  • 2 sets of rubber cables attached to the wall
  • 1 rubber cable lying around
  • a pair of push up bars
  • a 6-pound medicine ball
  • a floor mat
  • a chin-up bar
  • a 100-pound boxing bag
  • a trainer for my bike in the winter
  • my phone with "saved videos" of 5 minute cardio sessions


Day 1 - Chest/Bicep
Day 2 - Shoulder/Tricep
Day 3 - Light day - chest, bicep, shoulder, tricep
Day 4 - Light day - 100 push-ups, 300 situps

I mix it up and do what I feel like, pending time and motivation. Oh, and the scale.

Planks are killers!


  • Cardio - several rounds on the boxing bag
  • Cardio - several professional 5-minute videos
  • Cardio - skipping, usually 1,500 jumps
  • Various crunches - I do these throughout every workout above
  • Ab punches with gloves with a partner
  • Ball throws during sit-ups with a partner
Skipping - learned it in a boxing club and my buddy
Chris Bray got me back into it.

I have a few health issues, but none severe. My lowered back complains from time to time. but mostly, it's not bad. Every day that I can lean on the handle bars and ride my bike is a blessing.

I also have Brachial Neuritis which is a nerve condition in C5 and C6, which caused muscle atrophy - where the nerves stop talking to the muscles, and they shrink.  The triceps in both arms are affected, so it limits some of what I used to do in the gym, like push-ups, but, it's not affecting my quality of life.

My buddy Tom Roe and I did a few bike trips this summer!

I don't bike for exercise - only for relaxation and fellowship.  I hit 1,000/km this season, which is terrible, compared to distance rides and 3,600 km in my best year. The rides are now under 50km a day, and sometimes only 20km. I'll admit - it's an age thing.

Overall, I'm grateful that I can do this. As I get older, I can feel my body wearing out. But I figure if I keep myself tuned up to whatever level it is that I'm at, maybe I'll last a little bit longer than I would have, had I not done this.

Anything, plus a Coke, baby! I’m lucky I have a fairly fast metabolism!

Happy workout, everyone!