Friday, February 13, 2015


Me and the band have returned to Beach Road Studios in Goderich with producer Siegfried Meier. Today is day 1.  The band is recording "Raise It Up", the new single.  Jordan Melo laid down the drum track, and GI Holm is recording guitar parts right now, and Robbert is cooking dinner!  After dinner, Robbert lays down the bass track.

Tomorrow we'll finish off guitars with Davey Hooper and vocals by the guy with the red pants.

This is a cool place.  It's out of the way, out of town, and they provide a "band hotel" right next door which sleeps about 8 people. A bunch of us went to Zehr's and picked up food for dinner, breakfast and lunch.

Once we get the song recorded, then Sig does some editing, and a rough mix.  Once we get all the extra stuff recorded, or re-recorded, then Sig does a mix - we approve or change, and then on to mastering to really make it sound big.

Our plan is to release it on the long weekend in May.


Sign in the band hotel.

The band hotel.

GI laying down some rhythm. Siegfried and Pip watching.

Jordan was first up, laying down the beats.

Jordan - beats on "Raise It Up"

Sig looks happy with GI's playing.

Me, photo-bombing.