Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fasting Monday

Over the last little while I’ve been trying this new concept I call “Fasting Mondays”. Not every Monday - maybe once a month.

Often a fast is abstaining from food but it can be anything, really. Anything you want to sacrifice for God. At times I’ve fasted food because when I’m hungry I get incredible discernment. I mean, situations requiring a decision are critically clear to me.

In radio, weekends are often workdays where I sometimes speak in churches or colleges, visit LIFE events, client meetings, CRTC stuff, work at home, etc.

For me Fasting Mondays is a full day of no decision-making, no communication with work, no listening to the radio. My time is spent with God and doing peaceful stuff.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do every Monday because I have this job that gets in the way! But once a month feels really good!


  1. for sure - sounds like you have a bit of "pastor" in you - wish that fasting came with the free golfing on Mondays

  2. I hope you fast your paycheck too on Mondays.

  3. I think it's a wonderful discipline and it is true that when we deny the flesh, we are more "in tune" with the Spirit. I love how you have made Monday your Sabbath; that you seek a day to honor God in a quiet place. He will richly bless the work of your hands. (and your work has richly blessed the rest of the body of Christ.....including me :-) )


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