Sunday, March 23, 2014


Suddenly, my life got busy. Really busy. Like, crazy, stupid busy.

Last week at LIFE 100.3, our morning on-air personality AJ The Wonderdog (and son-in-law), resigned. Being family, I wasn’t surprised but it happened a little sooner than I had planned. Quickly, I hired a replacement.

We’re expanding the office space and taking over the suite next door, to enable us to build a video studio at LIFE. Video commercials about LIFE for viewing at events and on Facebook seems like a progressive way to promote our radio station. So, soon, we'll be knocking out walls and there will be dust in the air.

Now the insanity starts. One morning last week I choked on my meds and it burned my throat before I could wash it down. Then I choked on my dinner and, while trying to dislodge the food, I ripped up my throat.

With a sore throat, I limped through an Anthem For Today show in Breslau. The next day our drummer quit (giving 24 hours notice), so the scramble was on to find a fill-in for the Peterborough show on Friday night. Quickly, tempers were at the max.  After praying, and a couple of offers, Frank Williams joined the band to cover us for the next few shows.

Saturday, we were up early to direct a music video for Luke Langman's next single, as I coughed up air.

The combo of Halls, some meds and a bottle of Coke felt good. good!

Now, this coming week, the mayhem continues as I take Luke Langman for a private show in front of 50 retailers at a conference, followed by two full days of LIFE Sharathon where we’ll attempt to raise $400,000 in two days, followed by (my head is getting light just thinking about it!), an AFT show Friday night near Kingston and another road trip on Saturday night in Chatham.


Fortunately, managing two artists and a radio station aren’t work - they’ll all a pleasure, and more like a hobby. I look forward to each.

The key to all of this is to take each project one day at a time, carefully planning the steps and asking God to keep me sane. (I didn't figure that out on my own.) As someone with controlled Clinical Depression, I am prone to anxiety and panic from the busyness and uncontrollable situations, and I’ll admit, there’s bit some anxiety in the last few days, but I can now compartmentalize it. (Usually)

Each problem has a solution and it’ll either work out or it won’t. Some of it I can control - which I will do with the help of my radio and band teams, and what I can’t control I will have to suck up.

Stuff doesn’t always work out the way I want, but it will work out.

And, hopefully I’ll still have time for American Idol.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I'm looking forward to the Steven Curtis Chapman, Geoff Moore and Dan Bremnes concert in Toronto on May 10 in Toronto. What a great trio!

Speaking of concerts, I just saw the trailer for the Rolling Stones European leg. This trailer is smokin' hot! Not many bands make promo videos. Check this out!

Friday, March 7, 2014


When it’s Show Day for Anthem For Today, I am like a 7-year old at Christmas!

I wake up, excited for tonight’s concert! In the morning, somewhere between the bed and the bathroom, I text all the guys - "Hey - it’s Show Day!" And I hear back from all of them with some fun response.

Mmmm....Show Day. I am so deep in the zone that I really think of nothing else. Not the work around the house or my work at LIFE 100.3 - just the excitement of the show. The band is rehearsed, my management details are in order, everything on my checklist is checked! All that’s left is to jump in the car and drive to the venue.

There’s something about meeting the band in their vehicle when we arrive at the venue. Me, the five boys in the band and the crew. When we see each other, it’s like a reunion. Like we haven’t seen each other in five years, even though it’s probably only been a week. There’s this bond within the band. Kinda like we know a secret that nobody else knows, until the show starts - then EVERYBODY will know!

Just knowing that there will be 25 Show Days this year - and maybe more - is exciting in itself.

Now that bad news - the next Show Day isn’t until March 19!