Thursday, February 24, 2011

Devo - "An Exchanged Life"

The devotional I read this morning was titled “An Exchanged Life”. Unlike many devotionals this one was like an overview of a life lived with Christ. It was about giving Christ the control of your life and the changes He makes in you.

“When I am weak, He is strong” - the classic verse from 2 Corinthians 12:9 where Paul talks about the thorn in his flesh. Thorns? Ya, I have a bunch. Maybe just one wasn’t enough for me to rest solely on God’s strength. Having a thorn or two is like God smacking me in the head, as if to say, “now do you get it?” Ya, I get it.

“All things are possible with God” - Luke 18:27. Great verse. Reminds me that God will do the part that I am unable to do on my own. If I can’t do it, and only He can, then the impossible happens and I know who gets the credit.

“The vine...” - John 15:5. I know that Jesus is the vine, that I am the branch and the fruit will show if I’m staying connected to Jesus. If I do that, He will help me produce lots of fruit.

For a few months I’ve struggled and, maybe even wrestled with God. But for the last little while I feel like I’m getting somewhere. My walk is improving. I feel better about myself.

There is a new friend in my life. A new Christian. I’ve been spending a lot of time with him. I suppose these three verses that I studied today mean more to me because I am reading them through the eyes of a new Christian.

It's like reading it for the first time, again.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

James Franco. I like him, but ....

I’m a big fan of James Franco. I like most of his movies. Most. His Spiderman roles were ok, but “Annapolis” totally won me over. It’s become one of my favourite films. I saw “Pineapple Express” which nearly made me think differently. Why would he take a stupid, stoner role? I know - because he’s an actor. “Tristan and Isolde” is a romantic period piece, which I really liked and he played a role that was unlike the others.

Because I’m a fan, it was fun to see him appear for three minutes at the end of “Nights At Rodanthe” and three minutes at the beginning of “The Green Hornet”- and does not get credited.

That’s another thing - he plays small roles and doesn’t get a name credit. Weird.

In the new movie “127 Hours” Franco is fabulous.

I’m a fan because he’s more than an actor. He’s back in school, taking several courses at once. He also paints. He's a film director. And now he’s an author. The book is called "Palo Alta" - it's a series of short stories.

I was ready to buy the book off amazon, but all of the reviews were terrible. Most suggesting that he got a book deal because of his starpower, not because of literary skills. Check this review:

Rubbish! This book seems like an excuse for Franco to talk about penises, booze, smoking, sex, drugs, sex, penises and a little bit of vagina. It's vulgar, racist and misogynous. There were no real distinguishing thoughts or actions that defined each character or story. Most stories were so random that it was impossible to figure out where the hell Franco was going with it! Save your money and time and pass this one up.

I will save my money.

Franco is a very interesting guy. I find him motivational. He keeps pushing yourself, hungry to learn more and not willing to settle for the same stuff. And, he's only 32...?!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Today I went to the 9am spin class (indoor aggressive cycling). The instructor didn’t make it thru the snow, so a woman in our class volunteered to lead.

After 20 minutes, she ran out of music. Man, good thing I WAS THERE! Haha!

In my iPod I have various playlists. Today, I had P&W, Christian soft ballads, the new Hawk Nelson album and Canadian classic rock. Man, if only I had loaded in my Christian hiphop playlist; that would have been cool. Ah well!

For spinning we need mostly upbeat music - techno or four-on-the-floor classic rock are best. I plugged in my iPod shuffle and hoped and prayed that the right songs would come up. We climbed hills and sprinted to Harlequin “Innocence”, Toronto “Your Daddy Don’t Know”, Prism “Cover Girl” and of course Trooper!

The trooper song was a ballad - uh oh! The only ballad in the category! It was “Roll With It” has a great sax groove and Ra McGuire really cuts loose. It was perfect timing as we needed a slow song to climb to. Nice.

My very favourite music is Top 40 Christian music but a close runner up is Canadian Classic Rock from the 70's and 80's! Ya!

Ok, excuse me, but I need my protein shake and a shower!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Handsome and Gretyl

Wow - ! Here’s a new, exciting album! Oh ya, it’s also recorded by my son Brett and his wife Gretyl.

Two years ago Brett moved to Nashville for school where he took a course in Audio Engineering at SAE. They taught him how to record and produce music. He built a studio - "BBR” - in his rented house where bands and soloists have been recording their stuff. Even LIFE 100.3 got in on the action, when Brett recorded our new SLAMMIN’ CHRISTIAN HITS theme song “Tonight”, which airs every night at 7pm. (Note: the singer is Jeremy Drinkwine from Nashville with Brett playing the all the instruments.)

In his spare time, Brett and his wife are a duo recording act - Handsome and Gretyl.

They’ve recorded a five song EP called “Hold On Tight Love”. It’s available for download through iTunes, so way you go - hurry up! Get out your credit card and support H&G!



He came from Toronto; she, from Seattle.
His parents started a radio station; hers were music teachers.
Both had music in their blood, instruments in their hands, and a mind to create.

The mountains led him to the west; a star led her to the north.

In Vancouver they met and schooled—studying music and life.
They found promise.
They found love.

In less than a year they put school on hold, got married, and lived.
With music and purpose guiding them, school called again and to Nashville they went.
He became an audio engineer; she became a songwriter; music stayed central and they continued to create.

Entering the Nashville music scene in 2009, Handsome and Gretyl released their debut EP, Hold On Tight Love, February 2011.

Handsome and Gretyl have created an earthy folk feel crossed with an imaginative jaunt of pop, a sweet and tangy piece of wild berry pie. This duo draws from real life, delivering optimistic though realistic lyrics, seasoned with the chill of snow, the sea breeze, and the hope of tomorrow's sunrise.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hawk Nelson - Crazy Love

I’m lovin’ it! “Crazy Love” by Hawk Nelson!

This is a record with no filler tracks. All of ‘em are really good, some are great and a couple are outstanding. A few months ago Daniel Biro from Hawk was visiting. He commented how important in the Hawk journey the next album would be. Dan - it’s a winner!

Jason’s voice is in great shape. I’ve seen a lot of live shows and sometimes his voice is rough from singing night after night. I really don’t know how he does it but on this record his voice is in shape on every track.

“Crazy Love” is the current radio release. It’s a good song, but it’s not the best on the album.

Stylistically, much of the record sounds like a lot of MxPx. “Skeleton” is the toughest and fastest paced tune and very reminisent of “My Life Story” - the vocals are hauntingly like Mike Herrera and the beats mimmick MxPx’s former drumer Uri Ruley.

“Done Holding On” could have been on an All Star United record. Maybe that’s coz the whole album was produced by ASU-creator Ian Eskelin. “Your Love Is A Mystery”, co-written by Hawk and Ian is going to be a huge hit on AC Christian radio, as will be “We Can Change The World”.

“It’s Alright” is true classic Hawk. Midway through the song the song slows down and stops and it’s an effect that’s going to get annoying after a couple of listens. If they (hint hint) removed that effect, the song is made-for-radio and possibly the best on the record.

The CD ends with “Thanks For The Beautiful Memories”. This auto biographical track traces HK from their earlier dreams to be rock stars, to hearing their song on an Ontario radio station - “Never knew that LIFE could be this way.” (Thanks for the plug, boys!)

Previous Hawk albums didn’t seem connected to God as much as I would have liked. I also felt the boys were burying their Canadian roots and were pretending to be Americans. (“Letters to the President” was sung from an American viewpoint.) Don’t get me wrong - I am proud of their success and moving to Nashville was the best thing to do, but well - Jon and Daniel from Barrie and Jason from Peterborough - and we don’t want to forget that! I’m happy now, though. This album is full of Canadian references, which I love! Welcome home boys!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Tipping Point - Review

A month ago I posted on Facebook my status as reading “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. Many of the comments expressed their enthusiasm on the book.

The book is a study of the reasons why some businesses and trends explode into mass hysteria and why other great ideas never take off. Gladwell explains that there are three key people who can make things happen.
The Connector (people who know people), the Maven (people who know the details of the topic and speak with passion) and then Salesman (people who have charisma and persuasion). If even one of these people were involved in a situation, the product in question can skyrocket in public.

Gladwell uses many illustrations from Sesame Street, to the New York Subway Vigilante (a fabulous story) to Hush Puppies shoes. He also has many surveys to hammer home each concept. I guess that’s when I bailed. As compelling as his stories were, at the halfway mark I grew weary of his studies and surveys. I got the point, but “oh no, here’s another survey”. He exhausted me. The book didn’t seem to introduce anything new. However, up to that point, I loved theories.

While reading, I thought of my situation and how the Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen might have applied. Starting and managing LIFE 100.3 is, so far, the highpoint in my career and my life and I can see each of those people-types involved at various times helping make LIFE the success that it is.

Which am I? Probably the Connector. I know a lot of people in different areas of interest and lifestyle and levels of success. I like being the Connector. I’m a bit of a Maven when it comes to radio and artists. And if it’s about me (haha), then I can be the Salesman but to a limited extent.

Did you read the second half of the book? Did I miss anything new?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Hotline Is Overused

My prayers are like list of requests on the God-hotline.

Heal my wife’s back, save so-an- so, help my friend find a job, give us good weather for that event. I spend more time telling God how He can help me than ... well, a lot - more than I do asking God what I can do for Him.

Asking for stuff, I’m ashamed to say, has become the norm.

I know I’m here to serve. I’ve asked God to “use me”. I know God is working through LIFE 100.3 and I don’t mean to diminish the amazing things that have happened, most of which I will never know. But me, Scott - I am too busy doing stuff, including useless stuff, overusing "the hotline to God" and not sitting quietly listening for Him to lay something on my heart.

My devotional today says “God never communicates with us merely to give us a warm devotional thought for that day. He never speaks to us simply to increase our biblical knowledge. He invites us to join Him in the work He is doing.”

I wonder how much further along in my Walk I would be if I listened more.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LIFE Vehicles

LIFE got a new lease on the Street Team van from Jim Wilson. Here’s a photo with the new graphics!

And, we got a car donated to LIFE! It’s an Chev Aveo - 2009. Got it yesterday. Now we need to wrap it with some funky LIFE graphics!

Can you believe it? The donation of - a car?!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lisa & Me

Photographs are a wonderful keepsake. Every picture tells a story. (thanks Rod Stewart) How often do you look at an old photo and say, "ah yes, I remember that!" Usually photos convey great memories, seldom do we have pictures to remind us of something bad.

Thankfully my wife and I have a vast collection of pictures - of everything. Our kids, our vacations, even back to our high school days. (Janice and I have been together since grade 7!)

Yesterday, my friend Lisa and I were reacquainted. We figure it's been more than 20 years since we've seen each and nearly 30 years since Lisa was a listener who hung out at CKLC while I did the evening show. Those were fun, wild, immature days, long before I was a Christian.

Lisa would come by CKLC regularly with some of her girlfriends. They would answer the request line and sometimes go to the dances CKLC did at high schools on Friday nights. Without revealing private information about Lisa, I will simply say that her family years were difficult and she has miraculously put herself through university and established a career that she never would have dreamed of having back in the 80s.
The 80s! Ha! Tears for Fears! Motley Crue! Spandex! Glamour Rock! "How a cow!" Pacman! Breakdancing! People refer to the 80's as "retro"!

The photographs tell almost the entire story. In this one, taken between songs on the radio, we posed for a photo "climbing the walls". I don't know why we are doing that! On the right is my best friend and DJ at the time - Steev Jordan, Lisa and me. Lisa went from being a listener, to our babysitter, to a friend.

Lisa - great to see you again. And isn't it amazing that neither one of us are showing any signs of aging!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jake's Choice - I Finished It

I loved the movie “To Save a Life.” If you haven’t heard, the author Jim Britts has written a sequel called “Jake’s Choice.” It’s not a film - just a book that picks up where the movie left off. Jake goes to U of Louisville to play basketball and his girlfriend Amy goes to Stanford U. Jake’s lifestyle gets off track as he falls back to his old lifestyle of drinking, drugs and girls - and guilt about leaving God behind.

While the author, Britts, weaves in a bit of “forced preaching” that (I thought) was uncharacteristic of Jake’s character, there is a lot of good stuff to reflect on. Pastor Chris, Jake’s youth pastor from California, continues to text Jake to say hi and check in even when Jake doesn’t care. Chris never questions him or condemns him - he just continues to “be there” and because of that, Jake returns to the Lord.

There is a fabulous chapter about Jake’s homosexual campus roommate. Not to spoil the chapter for you, but Jake asks Pastor Chris what he should do about the situation and Chris says “The real issue is how you can best love your friend and show him Jesus. Jake, that’s your responsibility.” That chapter alone is worth the read.

All the characters from the movie are mentioned - his friend Doug, Johnny, Andrew, his mom and dad and his girlfriend, Amy. The last page leaves you waiting for the sequel!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coming To Toronto - Let's Do It!

Trust Communications Ministries is expanding. We're applying for a new radio station - not a repeater of LIFE - a new station!