Friday, March 23, 2018


I love Sharathon!  None of us at LIFE are working our usual jobs - we're all focused on Sharathon and  our special visitors.

  • Visitors - volunteers on shifts to take pledges at phone central.
  • Artists - performing live in the studio
  • Pastors - offering encouragement and challenges
  • Listeners - on tour, dropping off donations.

Behind the scenes - here's what we do:

The actual planning committee begins in November with weekly meetings. Our core staff have done this many times so, while it is very detailed, it tends to run with a bullet-proof checklist. This year we had four new employees, experiencing their first Sharathon.

  1. Volunteers - the only time of the year we bring in outside unpaid help.
  2. Bookkeeping - keeping all the money organized, during Sharathon and follow-up
  3. Promotions - keeping facebook fresh, updating the totals
  4. Production - listener testimony, artist greetings and all the features you hear between the songs
  5. FOH - our front of house engineer, mixing the live performances
  6. Hospitality - welcoming guests, feeding them, keeping them coralled
  7. Video - recording guest greetings and producing
  8. Programming - overseeing all on-air shifts and elements
  9. Ministry Relations - booking Pastor's for specific shifts
  10. Artist Relations - booking artists for their performances
  11. Runner - keeping the pledge cards moving from one place to the next
  12. IT - Computer Elite, on location and on stand-by to keep phone central fully operational
  13. Street Team - helping decorate, answer phones, sell merch, meet & greet
  14. Food Coordinator - managing snacks, meals and healthy stuff so we don't have to leave 
  15. After Party - when all is said and done, we have a staff party nearby, but not too late  

Now, the best of photo collection

Me, watching the new totals being posted at the end of Sharathon

The After Party - at Todd Gale's house.

Allen Schenk, principal of Unity Christian High School in Barrie

The finale - everyone. L-R - Jake Stanley (Part-time DJ), Steve Bradley (morning co-host), Mike Poirier (morning news)
Steve Jones (Operations Manager), Deborah Pinder (Street Team), Crystal Martin (Promotions Manager)
Janice Baird (Bookkeeper), Andrew Haverson (Runner), Scott Jackson (Founder), Todd Gale (Morning Personality), Marliene Cathline (Receptionist), Cody Marshall (Part-time DJ) Terry Molinaro (evening personality),
Nathasha Drummond  (Production Manager) and Marilyn Bryson (Receptionist).

Me with Brooke Nicholls and Steve Lensink

Steve and Brooke looking at Air Raid memories.

David Mann, Pastor Rick Buck from Emmanuel Barrie and Steve Jones.

Steve Jones and Crystal Martin

A bunch of us with Pastor Jenn Wager from Barrie Free Methodist Church
Matthew Fox with Bob Hawkins and Ron Hill

Sky Terminal lead singer Marcel Preston with Steve Jones.

Steve Jones and me.

Phone Central volunteers

Me, Steve and Todd.

Todd Dugard lead pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel, and me.

me, with the Tom Roe Orchestra.

Paul Turner from Emmanuel Barrie and Steve Jones.