Friday, May 7, 2010


You Know What I Hate?

Down at the Barrie Waterfront (excuse the mess!) when you stroll the boardwalk, you'll notice the docks and the entrance to each with a steel frame to keep out the riffraff.

Now, here's what I hate. The entrances - all squeak. S Q U E A K! How can anyone sleep on their boat with this scraping and squeaking as the door frames rub against the metal.

Doesn't anyone at the City of Barrie have some motor oil?

You know what else I hate? On Mulcaster Street in Barrie, next to the City Hall skating rink/fountain, over the street, there is a large 30 foot steel outline in the shape of the former City Hall building. It's a nice salute to the past. Except for one thing. The lights that frame the shape are burnt out. In the Spring, they're all fresh but by the time summer arrives and the tourists and our families are in town, and I'm showing my friends around our amazing city, I'm ashamed to explain what the dark structure is - a nice design with half the lights burnt out.

I guess nobody at City Hall notices. Especially from that private office with the corner window. Why? Coz it's dark! The lights are out!

You know what else I hate? The City of Barrie is cheap cheap cheap with Lifeguards. This year they tried to cancel the lifeguard program and save $40,000. Arrrrrrg.

We have two beaches in Barrie. The hot weather comes about the first of June. Beaches are packed all day but there's no lifeguards until the July 1st weekend. Why? Barrie is cheap. You know what else? On Labour Day weekend, the last weekend of the summer - no lifeguards on duty. The lifeguard program is closed for the season - on the LAST NICE LONG HOLIDAY WEEKEND OF THE SUMMER. Cheap.

Go to Orillia. They have lifeguards and a nicer waterfront.

(YKWIH is inspired by the "YKWIH" blog written by my daughter, on behalf of a friend who is too shy to tell you what she hates, so my daughter handles the blog. It's confusing I know.

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  1. I think you should start a YKWIL(you know what i love) blog. This YKWIH one is getting depressing.

    Who cares that the doors squeek down at the dock, at least we have a dock!

    Who cares that a few lights are burnt out, at least we have electricity!!

    I believe that focusing on the things we hate causes us to look at the world in a very dark state. We can find something bad in everything.

    You know what I hate? negativity.


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