Friday, April 30, 2010


Today is my last day. It feels very weird. I'm off on a 13-week sabbatical from LIFE 100.3. I'm very appreciative of our Directors of Trust Communications Ministries for answering my request and allowing me this time of rest.

I confess, I'm burnt out. 33 years of radio - I'm fried. Toronto, Peterborough, Moose Jaw, Kapuskasing (where?!), Pembroke, North Bay, Sudbury, Nashville, Toronto (again) and Barrie. Have I peaked? Is LIFE, it?

13 weeks. What am I gonna do? I don't want to waste it.

Well, I'm not going to a foreign country on a missions trip - although it seems to be on my mind more than I'll admit.
I'm not going to build another radio station. (Although I am consulting.)
I'm not going to listen to LIFE, or visit the website, or do any business connected with LIFE. I need the escape.
I'm not going to become a Personal Manager for a Christian artist although the temptation is strong and the dialogue is haunting me.
I'm said I wouldn't write a book - but I have a couple of ideas. One is fiction and the other is about, well, radio.
I'm not a gardener.
I'm lousy with a hammer.
And I've never played baseball.
I want to improve my Walk with the Lord although I have no idea of where to start without overwhelming myself. And I know for sure I can't do it alone.
I want to bike a lot and get in better shape.
I want to start a Christian nightclub, like Rocketown in Nashville, that is part coffee house, part venue for rock concerts, part meeting-place for community groups. But I need a business partner. I'm serious. Anyone interested?
I'm going to U2 in July.
I'm going to Tommy James and the Shondells at Casino Rama.
I'm going to wash the stair railings at home.
I'm going to take my dog for a walk.
I want to rest and let my brain buffer and rediscover beauty.
I want to conquer depression.

To the amazing staff at LIFE 100.3 - you are the best staff combination since start-up. Thank you for being so gifted and special and caring that taking this sabbatical is possible. I have no worries.


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