Thursday, April 8, 2010


Have you seen the movie "America?" This is a movie produced and starring Rosie O'Donnell. It's about the foster care system - how it rescues impoverished kids who are wasting away, places them in foster homes where they are further abused and then sent to a government system that has more failure than successes.

Rosie discovered the young male star Philip Johnson in a restaurant and thought the rookie actor fit the image of the character in the film. He's a great choice. Rosie plays a psychiatrist and America is the problem kid. His name is America because his ethnic background is a mix of everything in America. In the beginning, America won't speak to his social worker, let alone share his inner secrets but throughout the film Rosie (the psychiatrist) works with him, gains his trust and he finally shares his torment. The last 10 minutes are worth it.

Warning - this is not a Christian film. And although it's rated PG, there's a lot of junk and it should probably be rated at least 14A. Because I have a friend in foster care I know a bit about the nonsense and mistrust that goes on in foster situations and I felt I had to see this movie.

Bottom line - If you want to be safe and live in a Christian bubble with bunnies and rainbows then don't watch this movie. This movie would never be "pastor approved". But if you dare to be informed, watch, and discover the sad truth that even in your safe city, on your street, the government system is not doing the job you might think it is set up to do.

I truly feel that a movie with a good moral ending where good overcomes evil is not justification for sitting thru two hours of off-screen sexual abuse, lies and profanity. This is an exception. This is real life and Rosie puts her heart and money into the film to show us the truth that we cannot see.


  1. I would watch this if I could but it won't play. It's telling me to try again later. I have a story to tell. I want my son to tell it but they are silencing him for now only. My next visit is in one months time, can you get a camera guy to come. Today my 15 year old son wanted to tell me something, he was telling me about what some of the other boys are like. He wanted to say more but he's afraid, the last time they cut our visits way back. God is helping my family but what people here on earth are willing to do anything???

  2. I have some money, not much but I will pay someone who will tape my voice only, like an interview. God has told me that there will be a Christain Center here in Barrie that will help children like this before they get abused more by a failing government that is NOT protecting them. Is anyone else interested in this?

    I keep praying asking God why no one else is coming on board to help. He's already told me that there is so much that I need to do by myself with him. Please pray for this situation and ask is anyone else willing or wanting to help in some way.

    Thanks-If you are interested please post a comment yourself and we can set up a time to chat.

    If anyone in Barrie wants to adopt my son if they are good Christain people I would like that, That way he'd be in Barrie like he wants to be and he could see me. He wants to be with me but his Charter of Rights have been taken from him as well as my younger son whom is also away from me and his siblings.

    My children want to be reunited and they want me. I want them. I want to play, sing, dance, praise and worship with them.

  3. I always need to pray before typing anything. Please erase the last comment that I just typed.

    I will get my son back, I believe that God will return him to me.


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