Saturday, June 14, 2014


I think it's a guy-thing. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only guy who does this. When I get home from work, I like wearing the same clothes a few days in a row.

Maybe it's coz I'm lazy and I leave the after-work clothes out on the dresser. Maybe it's coz it suits my mood and my mood hasn't changed.
Brett's Easview Hoodie - fits great.

At bedtime - oh...wait.  You may want to stop reading now. But I bet you don't.

When I'm going to bed, I'll wear the same bed-clothes for, not just a few days, or a week, but well over a week. Yes I change my underwear - come on, I'm not like that!  But the bed-shirt and shorts, or track pants - I'll wear night after night.

There have been occasions, even recently, when I wear the same bed-shirt for a week, and then I wear it to work! Well, provided it's not all wrinkled and it's a give away to the staff. So far, nobody's caught on.

There's more. (Are you still reading?)  My favourite hoodie used to be my son's from Eastview Secondary School in Barrie.  I love this blue "music" hoodie with the yellow Wildcat paw so much, that I keep it downstairs in the living room, always accessible, and when it's cool at night I'll pull it on, clean or not.  And it's probably not. Yup, at home, it's the only hoodie I wear.

Why am I sharing the intimate details of my clothes?  A better question is, why are you so interested?!

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