Saturday, June 28, 2014


Going to the dentist doesn't bother me. Over the years I've had so much dental work done that almost nothing frightens me.
Not actual size.

I am a bit suspicious about the dentist's attitude toward wisdom teeth. Almost everyone I know who has had their wisdom teeth removed, has been told "we have to take all four".  Why?  I have to wonder if the dentists get a commission on wisdom teeth!  They got one of mine - that's it.

When I look at my daughter's teeth, (or her husband's teeth if the whiteness doesn't blind me), they have great teeth. White. Straight.  Conversely, my Dad's teeth were a mess, with mine somewhere between the two.  It seems like the younger generation is blessed with nice teeth, or better fluoride or better care.

Ok, and here's the deal.  The crown on my 37 tooth (bottom molar) busted at the base. There's no tooth to re-attach the crown so it can be extracted, or put in an expensive post to rebuild the tooth. But my regular dentist suggests it be pulled by a specialist. (My wisdom tooth behind it is also gone, thanks.)

So with much anxiety, I went to the appointment Friday. The specialist dentist didn't even look at the xray and determined in less than five seconds, "That's easy - I can do that". But you'll burn out the tooth on the opposite side twice as fast. We should do a post."  I'm getting ready for the anesthetic. Uh huh.

More anxiety. Panic. Oh, I mentioned in a previous blog I'm on 50% of my depression meds, right? Ok. To be honest, the moment was overwhelming.

I thought what would my Dad do?  Easy answer.  He'd say, "If it's not bothering you, leave it". So, with dread and anxiety I said "thanks anyway" and left.  Ya - I got up and went home.

I still have my busted 37 tooth. And it's not bothering me. Thanks Dad.


  1. I hate going to the dentist - and I'm sure the dentists hate me coming. I am sure that some people feel pain much more than others, because some people can have dental surgery with only a little freezing or even none, and I need premeds, nitrous gas, freezing and painkillers for afterwards. For at least a week and a half. The concern I have for you, is that broken teeth can collect bacteria (in trapped food) and gradually infect the surrounding tissues. So your decision is, fix now, or fix when possibly inconvenient and you're in a lot of pain and you might have to take any old dentist depending on where you are at the time. Posting anonymous because I don't want to link any accounts. - Christy

  2. I made a similar call. It feels good not to do it now on the one hand but on the other I know I'm facing a pretty high bill in the near future and that's no fun. Hope it holds in there for a long time for you!

  3. Had may posts, nothing to it. Least painful of any solution for sure. Deb Brown


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