Tuesday, February 25, 2014


There's this line my Christian friends say - "God owns all the cattle on a thousand hills".

For my non Christian friends, this line is from Psalm 50:10 and it means, as I understand it, (and I could be wrong and if I am there will be a line up of church people to point that out), its meaning is that God has all the resources and it is simple for him to provide for us.

Here's what I wonder about.

People feel called to a project, meaning, they believe God has told them to do something, like starting a church, putting on a concert, starting a homeless shelter, or - starting a radio station.  When I ask how will you do that?" they smile and say, "God has all the cattle". That means, God will somehow, miraculously provide the money to make it happen. I believe that it's possible.

A former pastor of mine once told me, that, "Where there is Godly vision, the money will follow". Those are his exact words - I wrote them down. It inspired me. It still does.

So, if the calling/vision is from God, he won't leave you hanging out there blowing in the wind with no way to get the job done, right?  R-i-i-i-ght?

I'm talking with a lot of organizations that say, "We have no money", as in no budget to do the project in a way that will have any visible impact, so they just kinda settle for the little they have. So I wonder, if the organization was started as "a calling", why is God not providing?  I mean, they say God has all the cattle, so like, where are they?

My non Christian friends have said to me, "If your God is so big, how come the event is so lame?" I'm embarrassed. How can I convince them that they need God in their lives, if our results are "lame"?

I'm going to take a guess at the answer. I could be wrong.

I think there is more to it than just "a calling". I think you have to have knowledge, too.  If you don't have knowledge, how will the calling/vision/project get started?  Or succeed. It won't.  It doesn't.  I guess people are hoping the cattle will suddenly show up.

Here's an idea.  Take your calling/vision/project and find someone smarter than you, who has done this before, and just ask them, "Hey, how do I do this?"  Once you have their knowledge, THEN, the money will follow, and the vision will bloom.

That's what I think anyway.