Sunday, February 9, 2014


If you’ve seen the TV show Boston Legal, think of the characters Denny Crane and Alan Shore. Denny is the older, experienced lawyer played by William Shatner and Alan is the younger and successful lawyer, still learning, played by James Spader.

At the end of every show, they are seen smoking a cigar or sipping a beverage, in big comfy chairs on balcony overlooking Boston. Together, they reflect on their day at court, and life in general, as they see the world unfolding in their lives.

Sometimes they disagree. They’re lawyers so they argue a bit and they don’t always handle things the way each other would like, but there’s a deep respect for each other. It’s a bit of a son and dad thing - the younger and the wiser. The place where they come together is in their friendship and career passion.

I’m in that situation now. Me, the more experienced guy at work, (and maybe at life in general), and my good friend who is starting his career and thrives on being mentored and loves to learn and ask questions.

We spend a fair amount of time travelling where we have these Denny Crane/Alan Shore moments.  I cherish these times when we talk about our day and what we think of the world as it unfolds and our lives intertwine. Because of the generational age difference I’ve learned I don’t have to agree with how he handles life, because our good friendship is far greater. But dare I say, these are precious times.

Oh, and in our case, the cigars and cocktails are replaced with coke and calorie-filled honey buns.

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