Thursday, March 28, 2013


Sharathon, if you did not know, is our on-air fundraiser for LIFE 100.3.  It is a 2-day presentation, pre-empting regular programming, all of it - news, commercials, countdowns - all of it gone. For two days, we share the vision of LIFE 100.3 and ask for donations, since we are listener supported.
Chris Bray, me, Dan Macaulay
This year it was a circus of guests - pastors bringing a team of people, artists performing. Almost every hour there was a guest in the studio. And on the phones, there was a rotating shift of volunteers.

Throughout the two days, we've had fewer calls compared to last year, almost 30% fewer calls, but the real dollar amount is higher, which means our listeners are giving more than before, which is awesome!

Thanks to the artists who visited - Dan Macaulay, To Tell, Chris Bray, Luke Langman, Paul Turner, Andy Taylor, Jody Cross and Anthem For Today.

At 7pm tonight, it will be over, the decorations will come down and the After Party will begin, for those who have not collapsed from broadcast exhaustion!

Here is a video of Anthem for Today, performing "Inside Out" at LIFE.  Thanks to Andrew Hamilton from iproclaim for shooting a library of videos!

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