Thursday, March 21, 2013


As a kid I collected 45's. I was an AM radio guy, loving the singles, rarely the albums. Now, with iTunes, the hit single is back!  So, here's what's spinning in my iPod this week:

"A Little Louder" by Anthem For Today. Of course it's no surprise. Yes, I manage the band. Every song is great! I love my boys!

"Crime Of The Century" by Supertramp. The older this album gets, the better it sounds. Amazing to hear the imagination of these guys, in the mid-1970's, without computer enhancement. Their songwriting is the farthest thing from Top 40, and coming from a Top 40 guy, it's an odd choice. Best track "Asylum".

"Languages" by Owen Thomas, former lead singer with The Elms. It's mellower than most Elms music. Many of the songs sneak by unnoticed but the opening track - "Houdini" is truly catchy. And I'm reminded of the goofy video of Owen dangling upside down in a straight jacket!

In the "Mix Playlist", I'm spinning "Glass Hosues" by The Classic Crime, "Begin Again" by Taylor Swift, "Ready For The World" by Ruslan and Lecrae, "Beat Of Your Heart" by Young Chozen, "Raindrops" by The Color, "One More Shot" by the Rolling Stones.

Press repeat!


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  2. Yeah, A Little Louder is a pretty killer tune ;)


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