Friday, March 1, 2013


 Faith Missionary Church in Wasaga Beach invited Anthem For Today to perform for the youth - it was a high energy, blistering double set of songs. Set 1 - worship; set 2 - concert-style, with added volume!

This was our first set with the full permanent band - Pip Lucas (lead vocals), Davey Hooper (guitar), G.I. Holm (guitar), Robbert van der Grift (bass) and JP Smits (drums). Tonight was a bit unusual, in that, we had Tyler Steingard from Barrie drumming for the worship set. Thank Ty!

From a band standpoint, so many things went right. It began with the promoter, who followed our contract/rider to a tee - providing everything needed to make a happy band and a guarantee a great show. Often, promoters forget the little details and feed everyone pizza or food the band is allergic to, or a bad PA system, or something. Tonight in Wasaga - everything went awesomely!

AFT kicked through their set of originals including the familiar radio songs "Inside Out" and "Falling Asleep At The Wheel", after which Pip shared his story of depression and cutting, leading into the song "Wake Up", co-written with Trevor McNevan of TFK and Jamie Aplin - the album producer.

After the show, the audience hung out for an hour, chatting at the merch booth and getting stuff signed.

Thanks to Luke Langman for hosting the show and letting us come and play. Thanks to Heidi for the amazing dinner and keeping the boys fed to the brim!

If all shows could roll out like this one!

Next show, Calvary Evangelical Missionary in Owen Sound - March 15.

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