Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today, I spoke at Elmvale Community Church where Pastor Shane Pickel hangs out.

Two years ago I spoke at ECC and not knowing the Pastor, I wore a nice suit. Well, Shane led worship wearing a pair of ragged kakhis, a faded t-shirt and a sleeve of tattoos. I was a bit over- dressed. Everyone got a good laugh at my expense.

Today, I decided to go prepared. I wore a blazer and tie. Reflected on my last experience and stripped down to a LIFE cut-off t-shirt revealing my two tattoos. Shane enjoyed the performance! I'm not sure this would fly at APC.

Had a great morning with everyone!

Thinking About: Dashboard Confessional concert this Thursday. Going with Crystal. Don't know much about DC - just want to see what all the buzz is about.

Listening to: various songs by DC. Old and new.

Reading: "Grace Is Enough" by Willie Aames. He and his wife came to Christ about 20 years ago, after his stardom on "8 Is Enough" and "Charles In Charge". I'm just getting into it.

Praying: "The SJ Fix - A 5 step program to re-igniting Jesus in my life". Well, that's my version. The journey continues. (If I'm successful I'll release it in hardback and you can make me rich.)

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