Friday, February 5, 2010

Air Raid 17 & Changes

Next week is gonna be the busiest in LIFE history.

Air Raid 17 is next weekend - Saturday night - Mapleview Church in Barrie. We're flying these guys in from Orlando. Gonna be a great show! You should be going. If you're not, I hope you have something really important to do. Tickets at the door but we're over 500 sold, now.

My son Brett is coming to town. Yeah! We'll have him doing some tech work in the station - stuff he learned at school in Nashville. And, he's going to mix sound for one of the Air Raid bands. When you see the sound guy in the middle of the room, mixing, that's called "FOH"-front of house sound. Use that term and people will think you're really smart.

Next Friday, I'm hosting a 30-minute radio special called "Air Raid Spectacle." (I hope Elvis Costello enjoys the tribute.) Anyway, AJ The Wonderpooch researched it, scripted it, conceptualized it and deserves all the credit. Except for the idea. That was mine. Hahaha.

At Air Raid, we're premiering the new LIFE 100.3 video. It's a Street Team On Location thing from the last year, places we've been, fun we've had, ministry in action.

I'm pretty excited about Air Raid. Did I mention that? Hey, remember reading Batman comics or watching the TV show and whenever Commissioner Gordon needed Batman,
he would flash the Bat-signal in the sky and pan the clouds? Remember that? Well we rented the Bat-light and it's gonna be outside at Air Raid. You won't see the Bat-signal, but at least you'll know where the action is!
That's not all. We've got the demolition crew coming in next week to freshen up the LIFE lobby and halls. Next time you visit LIFE, it's gonna look a whole lot different. It's been five years at this location - time for ch-changes.

Next week we have some on-air changes coming. I love on-air changes. Wish I was back on the air. I miss it a little. Just a little, not a lot. I just heard that Mark Schultz has a new song coming out. I definitely won't be on the air until it's off the chart!

I bought the Nick Jonas solo CD yesterday. "You did whaaaat?" Yes, I bought it. It's nothing like the Jonas Brothers which I knew, having seen his appearance this week on Letterman. His band looks like they are all more than 40 and they sound like they've been jammin' for a while. I ran their names thru Wiki - turns out these guys once played with Prince, so I guess they have the chops! And Nick has found a groove that's nothin' like the Jonas Brothers. One song is written by Leeland who was rumoured to be the next big thing in Christian music. He wasn't, but it's cool that he co-wrote with Nick. When you're finished laughing, go buy the CD. You'll be surprised.

Mostly I want God to give me new vision. I'm stuck in the moment and (sometimes) I can't get out of it.

That's a lot of rambling. Any thoughts? Comments? Gifts?


  1. you're renovating Life and you didn't call me? I fell a little hurt... :P

    Last year when I was really trying to find God's direction for me I gave up internet for 10 days as a fast. I chose it because facebook and internet in general are my time wasting/addictions, and I wanted to use that time instead with God. I have to admit I didn't use all that time for God, but I found it to be very fruitful.

    have fun with the sledge hammer.


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