Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sunday - skipped church. But, I got to hear some cool Christian music that nobody else has heard! Where? It's somewhere on Lake Huron. Beyond all roads. Tucked away near the lake is Beach Road Studios where my friends The Light Division and To Tell have recorded their recent albums. Siegfried Meier greeted me at the door and I sat in on a session. This is a picture of Zach, Sig and me doing our pose for Rolling Stone magazine.

Yesterday, was To Tell's last day in the studio - vocal tracking day, actually. While the rest of the band had gone home, Zach Havens remained behind, to lay down vocals on the unfinished songs.The studio is pretty nice. Dozens and dozens of guitars on the walls, pre-amps, post-amps, jumbo-tron speakers to deafen you, mixers, fluxcapacitors, flippy switches and harmonizers for humanoids. All of it makes sense if you're Sig. I like it.

When the CD is finished, To Tell will have 10 new tracks and a re-recorded version of "Down And Out" - the duet with Hello Kelly. Their tour dates are here.

(Hope I get a pre-release....nudge nudge)

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  1. Always a blast getting into a recording studio to see/hear all the latest technology and gadgets!


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