Monday, February 8, 2010


You might notice a few differences on LIFE 100.3 today. They're minor changes, but for us on the inside, they were massive. It took hours of planning. Some of the changes were kept secret even from the DJs, so I bet some of them turned on the radio today and said - "huh, what's going on?!".

We like to think of LIFE and you - our listeners - as friends. Friends have interesting things to say to each other. Friends do fun things together, go places, meet people, make comments, encourage.

It's nothing that big. Just the stuff you hear between the music is fresh and some of the songs you hear might feel a wee bit different.

Simultaneously, we're doing a bit of interior demolition. You might hear the hammering on the air! Changing our lobby and the long hall that runs from the lobby to the back door. A fresh coat of paint and some other fun things. Stop by in March - we'll show you around.

Changes. I like it. Routine? Ha - not for me.

Do you like change or routine?


  1. ...and here I thought you were changing the on-air talent! Sounding great, Scott. Change is good!

  2. The new news intro jolted me awake. I guess even my subconscious still notices production values.

    I haven't listen much yet today, but will have it on at work.


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