Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pefferlaw Rocks!

I got very little sleep last night and you know when you have an early date in the morning, the anxiety of not getting a good night's sleep contributes to a really bad sleep. Well, with no sleep, we had an amazing time at Cedardale Church in Pefferlaw this morning. Junky picked me up at 7:30 - yawn. Good ride - great weather.

Pastor Ken is an amazing cheerleader for LIFE. He really researched us well because alot of the time when they introduce me, they say something wrong - like LIFE-FM or 100 point 3, or something.

Even with Pefferlaw being on the fringe of our listening area, they still partner with us. I was surprised to see an advertisement for Air Raid 17 in their lobby! Everyone was so encouraging. Nice!

Thanks for the love offering!

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