Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 - Hi

So, 2009 is done. I think I'm always happy to start a new year. What a sad thing to think of the previous year as a bummer. But the idea of starting a new year brings anticipation. Some surprises. Maybe see the light at the end of the tunnel -new friends - a better me. (That shouldn't be too hard.)

Looking back on 2009, I thought I would share my 10 favourite songs with you. These songs are in high rotation in my iPod.

10 Mess of Me - Switchfoot
9 Salvation Is Here - Lincoln Brewster
8 Johnny Diaz - More Beautiful You
7 Broken - Lifehouse
6 Closer To You - To Tell
5 Jimmy Needham - Forgiven and Loved
4 Group 1 Crew - Our Time
3 Chris Bray - Finally Let Go
2 Sidewalk Prophets - The Things I Would Say
1 The Fray - You Found Me

I love how The Fray lead singer sings - Issac Slade - kinda like he just fell out of bed. Still has the yawn in his voice. It's a cool sound. But really, this song totally ministered to me all year. It kept me company as I've been dealing with some medical problems, I've been asking God. "Where were you, where were you." - man I've been asking God all year. Maybe you can relate. Wondering if God is showing up just a little late. Well, we know God isn't late, but sometimes it feels that way and that's what the songs about.

Hope you had a happy new year's eve and that 2010 has great things in store for you. And me.

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