Friday, November 6, 2009

My Headphones Are Dead

Today I will hang up the headphones. No - not for good! Come on... I still have some stuff left in me.

My Optimus Nova 71's are at least ten years old, maybe more. I bought ‘em cheap. Cheap headphones - for a professional broadcaster? Ya. Let me tell you the story.

Back in the early days, at CKLC in Kingston, I bought an expensive pair of AKG 121's. They were awesome! Blocked out external sound. Great tone. And for a DJ, the sound and the volume have to be exactly perfect. I mean - exactly. If the volume isn't exactly the same every day, you don't feel right. If you have to use someone else's headphones - wow - that's the worst, because the tone is different from what you're used to. Which means the sound isn't perfect and your show feels "off".

I bought really expensive AKGs in 1978. A month later, the cord got wrapped around the chair leg and pulled the cable out of the headset. There was a short in the ear piece which, as you might guess, totally wrecks your show.

So, I bought another pair of AKGs. They lasted about a year. Same thing happened. Busted. So ever since, I've only bought cheap headphones, and settled for the "somewhat ok" tonal quality. The cheap ones lasted forever.

The Novas I am retiring today have been with me for over a decade. This week, after many songs have plowed through the earpieces, the right side shorted out. I bought a new pair at the Source for $45.

I know, I know - you get what you pay for. It's unusual that the cheap ones will probably last til my last show - I mean, the very last show.

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  1. A great pair of headphones are the Sennheiser HD280 Pro. They go for about $120.00 - amazing sound, comfortable to wear, and a looooong coiled cord. I have a couple in my home recording studio.

    Reg M.


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