Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Burial Was Yesterday

Yesterday was the burial for my mom. Even saying those words sounds weird.

Because my Dad wanted no fanfare there was no service, no wake, no visitation. The burial was simply a ten minute gravesite memorial with a few words.

In attendance were me and Janice, my brother and his wife, their two daughters whom I have not seen for at least 10 years, AJ, Crystal, and of course, my Dad. It was raining a bit but that was ok.

My nieces read a condolence card sent to my Dad from his retirement home. They each read half, crying through most of it.

I read the eulogy.

AJ read Proverbs about a good wife and a good mom. My dad liked that.

My Dad dropped a velvet bag in the hole which contained her ashes, wedding ring and other jewelry. As we all walked to our cars I saw my Dad kneel at the hole in the ground and cry. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose your life-long partner - the person who enjoyed all the great moments of life with you - and then they leave you behind to continue your last few years, alone.

Yes, I do find it odd that I'm not grieving heavily at the loss of my Mom. I think I'm feeling more of a relief combined with God giving me strength. Or, perhaps, the reality has not hit me yet.

Thanks for your thoughts, emails, phone calls and flowers.

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