Thursday, October 1, 2009

Training Camp

Big weekend ahead. It's our training camp for LIFE staff.

It's not a retreat. Arrrrg! When you go on retreat you're "getting away". In this case, we're not getting away from anything. We're "going" away to a resort, but not to rest. Training Camp is just that - training, motivational, restoration, focus, setting goals. All that stuff that owners and managers love, but the staff hates.

I've tried to put together an agenda that, in the end, will have the entire staff in a rave! Guest speaker from WAY-FM, music with Chris Bray, chapel with Kaj Ballantyne of Harvest Bible Chapel. And lots of free time to walk, wander, kayak and hang. Lots of food. Cool chalet accommodations.

The book "Inside The Postal Bus" by Toronto cyclist Michael Barry (from Toronto) was my inspiration. Hopefully the LIFE staff feels the love.

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