Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cell Law - It's Dumb

The new cell phone law became effective on Monday. It's now a $500 fine if you talk on the phone while you drive. People are madly buying a blue tooth or other device. Personally, I use an earphone plugged into my cell. No one can tell the difference.

There are a bunch of other things, that I think are worse than talking on the phone and driving,

I've made a list - The Top 10 things to do while you drive instead of talking on the cell phone

10 Browse thru your cd collection and change the cd.
9 Talk to the passenger.
8 Eat a donut and drink a coke.
7 Change the radio station back to LIFE 100.3.
6 Pick your teeth in the mirror. Or pick your nose if you need to.
5 Yell at your kids in the back seat.
4 Change the air conditioning, the heater, the back window defroster and the fan
3 Put on your make-up. But only if you're female.
2 Turn on the seat heater.
1 Roll the windows down so your dog can stick his head out.

All of these things are just as dangerous as talking on the phone while you drive. If you think a cell phone is distracting, wouldn't anything on my top 10 list also be distracting? I wonder if the ministry of legalism (?!) will outlaw any of these?

It's not a free country.

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