Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Picture In The Masthead

You asked ... so I’ll tell you.

The second photo on the left (above) was taken in 1998 in the studio of B101 in Barrie where I worked part-time as the weekend DJ, just filling time until LIFE was approved by the CRTC. At this point in time, the research was done and the application was at the CRTC waiting for approval.

What I find quite funny, is that in this picture, I am doing my show on B101 and as the songs played (8 in a row), I was composing various thoughts for LIFE 100.3 - promos, music lists and so on.

I had told B101 management that I had filed an application for a license. The Station Manager Tom Aikens laughed off my idea. Then came the CRTC hearing date. I got a phone call that day telling me I was no longer needed. I smiled. God is moving.

This photo reminds me of the days before LIFE 100.3. It was a hard time - not knowing my future. A humbling time - working for $9 an hour at B101 and living in my parent’s basement. But I anticipated LIFE and knew if we got the license, Barrie listeners would love it, just as Nashville listeners loved WAY.

Only a few months after this picture was taken, LIFE 100.3 was on the air.

Meantime, I’m excited about the semi-finals of Karaoke Superstar this Saturday 2pm at the Bayfield Mall in Barrie. (This photo is Levi denBok and Ed Seymour - both contestants from Wasaga Beach.)
See you there!

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