Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've had a couple of crappy days. Down, lonely, unhappy and a bit disconnected with God. A friend told me to re-charge by reading one Psalm in the morning and another at night. Sounds like a good plan so I'm doing that.

After my 40 km on the bike, I went to workout at the gym. (Stop bragging!) I usually listen to a mix of Christian songs or some classic rock but last night I selected my "praise and worship" playlist. I know - not exactly gym material! Guitars and rockin' band - that's real gym music.

My playlist went something like this:

"Everyday" Hillsong
"God Of This City" Kris Allen
"Banner Over Me" Vineyard
"Arise" Don Moen
"Hallelujah To My King" Paul Baloche

I bet the 20 year old gym-rats would be surprised! Haha! Anyway, the songs picked me up. Oh ya - doubling the meds is helping too!

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