Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In the halls of LIFE, we're still pretty stoke about the 10th Anniversary concert. Tons of email "congrats" are coming in from listeners and advertisers. It's neat to know that this celebration isn't confined to employees, but shared by - well, everyone.

After intermission, the show paused while the staff ran a tribute to me. I wasn't expecting it. Somewhere about halfway through this 9 minute video, I realized, "uh oh... this is a tribute to me!" However did they pull this off without my knowing about it?

Thanks to the LIFE DJs for their kind words. Nice to have a greeting from my friends who make the music. And to those people who are part of my radio history. And especially the greeting from Ra McGuire - whom I pray for everyday.

If you missed the vid, here you go.

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