Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why I Don't Care About the Amalekites

I'm a bit embarrased to share this.

I'm having problems getting into the Word. Ya, I know, I work at a Christian station, with all the music that praises God, and reading a Bible verse every hour - how can I have problems?

Well, I confess that the Old Testament bores me. I'm not an academic person. Learning about history is not my thing. I get hung up on "an angry God"that is so much part of the OT. I know His people failed Him, and we can learn from their bad choices. But - well, I just struggle with staying interested.

The Amalekites and those guys - I just don't relate to them. When Pastor Wayne talks about them, I feel my eyes glazing over. Maybe if one of them was named "Lance" I would perk up!

I've tried Bible "studies" and "help" books but as they point me back to chapters of the OT, I get the same tired feeling about another story of God wiping out thousands of people who disobeyed him. And I think, "swell". It's hard to have an attitude of praise after reading that.

I really like the Bible movies, especially the newer ones. The actors help me to understand the place, time and context.

Ya, I work at a Christian radio station but I struggle, too. If you have a suggestion that will inspire me - let me know!

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