Thursday, July 16, 2009

Missing Church

One of my regular weekend activities is with the LIFE Street Team, visiting churches on Sunday mornings. The Street Team takes us far and wide - recently I spoke at Victory church in Peterborough, I’m in Port Perry at Emmanuel this weekend. Later in August I’m at St. Andrews in Huntsville.

So, about twice a month I’m away from my home church. Actually, when you add vacation days and the gigs I do with the band Ascension, I probably get to my home church in Alliston about once a month. So that ain’t great. I miss hearing Pastor Wayne. I had thought about having another DJ do the speaking gigs, but they have the same problem, so we share the dates and appreciate the opportunity.

Honestly though, I’ve missed a lot of time at APC and my schedule over the next two weeks are busy again. Again, I’m thankful for the bookings - we take the gigs when we can get them.

But missing regular church is becoming a problem. I called Pastor Wayne and he invited me to spend some one on one time in his office. I dropped what I was doing yesterday afternoon. I’m so glad he was flexible enough to give me personal time. Good to have my pastor hear about my issues and pray for me right there and then.

As much as I talk on the radio to a large audience or speak in churches to hundreds of people, I’m really better at the one on one. I’m not good in a group. I guess I like the focus. In a crowd I kinda back off and try to blend in.

Are you like that? Do you need people to listen to you, one on one?

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