Thursday, January 1, 2015

NYE 2014

Just a little house party. No band this time. Well, actually, to be honest, there was a band in the house, but not performing.

For years I used to watch the Dick Clark countdown. I haven't done that in a long time. Now, it's either listen to the Top 50 countdown on LIFE or my own amazing iPod playlist which included Blake Shelton, the Animals, V. Rose, AFT, Hillsong, Michael Jackson, Thin Lizzy, Dan Bremnes and Anberlin. Someone asked me, "what kind of format is that?"  I said, "I think it's called variety".

Cool music, snacks, a small meal, the "Egyptian Game", a story about the back forty, a swamp and the police - and lots of other chatter.

Ya know, I'm hearing about people going to bed before midnight. I don't think I've done that on NYE. Well, we partied tril 2:15am and nobody seemed to be in a hurry to end the night.

Roseann - thanks for the incredibly yummy marshmallow salad!  Mmmmm baby!  Guess what...! The leftovers are no longer leftover!

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  1. How pathetic is it that the band has no friends to hang out with on nye.

    Glad you had fun though.


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