Wednesday, December 24, 2014


We got about two dozen Christmas cards this year. Twenty years ago we probably got 80.

As I recall, when I was a kid, my parents got more than 100. Mom and Dad would set aside a couple of evenings to write personal greetings, as did Janice’s parents, and they handed that down to us.

After becoming Christians, the Christmas cards sent to us from our Christian friends included an activity letter of family highlights from the last year. There was always some activity in the letter that we didn’t know about, like a trip abroad, or a new job. Like many Christmas cards, they came from people whom we really only connected with at Christmas.

I like getting cards, w-a-y more than an e-card. I like the ink signature and quick "hello." I like knowing there’s a tradition set by my friend that includes me. "I’m on their list!"

It seems most people in their 30's and certainly 20's, don’t send cards. It must be a generational thing. Maybe mailing a Christmas card is a thing of the past because social media greetings have taken over. I’m not pining for the good old days - but I do enjoy getting cards. I like making my own list and sending cards. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it. I also like the Christmas Ginger Boy cookies!

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  1. I like getting them too....other than yours I think we only got 2 other cards but lots of texts saying Merry Christmas :( Unfortunately I have gotten lazy the past couple years not doing cards...but you have inspired me to make sure I do it next year!


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