Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I haven't blogged in a while - I haven't had much to say. (No smart remarks, please!**!)

A few weeks ago I was in a restaurant eating chicken fingers and I bit on something hard. Well, there's no bones in chicken fingers so I figured it was probably a crown or filling or bridge. Third guess.

Thankfully my dentist took me on the next workday and scheduled an emergency extraction. Ouch!

The surgeon was awesome - from what I remember. The anesthetic was fabulous!

The next couple of days were not too pleasant with sore gums, not just in the extracted area, but my entire lower jaw. In fact, the motion of eating has been really painful, not to mention the absence of any molars.

It's been 10 days since the extractions and I'm still on Advil.

Next step - wait four months for the bone to heal. Then get implants. People tell me they cost about $4,000 each. I need three. Zoinks!  Then, another four months to heal, then the bridge goes on.

So, in total I'll be without molars for about 8 months.

Mmmm.  I'm sensing a lot of mashed potatoes!

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