Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It does, smell! I'm talking about our water.
Well is in the middle of the sidewalk, to the right
of the white flowers.

When I take a shower, it smells rotten. It's been getting worse. I took a water sample to the health unit and they said, "It's not drinkable".  Oh boy.

I remember at my parents' cottage there was a dead squirrel in the well. My dad had to shock the well.

So, we called the well guy to find the well and fix it. "There's no well". Of course there's a well - when I turn on the tap I get stinky water. He searched the property - no well.

He got his "well-finder-device". One of those goofy things people scour the beach with to find treasures. No luck.

He followed the pipes and electrical line and says, "It leads to the lake. Your water is coming up through the sprinkler system and you're getting lake water".  No, it's not lake water. The sprinkler system is removed from the lake in the winter and we still have running water. (This isn't good - I'm telling the expert well guy how it works.)

"Maybe you're siphoning off your neighbour."  That's possible. When our furnace died, it turned out to the "hot" - no make or model on the unit.

We called the Township office and who were kind enough to provide a Google Earth map, with a blue mark indicating all the wells on our street.  But guess who - no blue dot for us.

So, now it looks like we bought a house, that included a well, but it's no where to be found. "This is a lawsuit" says our real estate agent.  Oh boy.

We get another map from the "Ministry of Maps and Hidden Wells".  (or something like that)  They found our well!  "It's buried under the sidewalk!"  They dug up the sidewalk - and ta-da - a well.

Now all we have to do is - well, actually, I'm not sure. But I bet it's gonna stink.

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