Saturday, August 16, 2014


Peter Furler - the former Newsboy - the headliner at the LIFE 100.3 15th Anniversary Party!

Our LIFE emcees - Tim and Todd opening the show.

Since the first day, it was my dream to have the Newsboys perform at a LIFE 100.3 event. Well, it never happened as I had hoped, but with the face, key writer and true personality of the Newsboys, we got more than we dreamed of.  Peter gave us hit after hit by the band we love, plus some of his solo hits, and introduced new songs from his album "Sun and Shield".

Peter played as a trio with only a bassist Dave Ghazarian from Superchick and Jeff Irizarry on drums, and no background tracks - it was all live. Man what a great night! Judging by the reaction of the sold out crowd, our choice of performers was perfect.
Chris Bray and the band.

Peter Furler

Chris Bray opened the evening with a selection of his best radio songs, opening with "More Each Day" - my favourite!  Chris has become a good friend of LIFE 100.3.

Peter's band
In the middle, the LIFE 100.3 on-air people gave mini-speeches of memories and introduced our video department with a cluster of LIFE-designed video trailers!

Thanks for being such a great audience and encouraging me and the staff.  Here's to the next 15!


  1. Thank you Scott. You are right on. It was a wonderful party to celebrate 15 years of Christian radio in Ontario. This was the perfect celebration. Done by great performers. Very well done. The LIFE100.3 team did a show well worth remembering. Great job !!!

  2. We all had a wonderful time! I was happy at the end of it all when you were thanked again for the 15 years.....15 years of influencing central Ontario for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ! I was feeling so grateful all night for the blessings God has bestowed on us all, and I wanted to thank you personally for being obedient to the vision He gave you long ago. I believe it has not been easy, but His grace is sufficient. Continue in His love and care! xo

  3. I thought the night was great!
    Except for the videos.

    They were well done, but I think the commercials and the shameless asks for money was in poor taste. It should have been a celebration and that's it.


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