Saturday, August 30, 2014


I get a lot of emails from listeners - many complimentary. It’s affirming to know that LIFE 100.3 is making a difference in your Christian lives. I know you may not believe me, but from time to time, I do get the odd email that is just plain mean. And one meany can make me forget about reality!

At one time I was going to save the nasty emails as a keepsake but I later thought that all those negative comments would never make me feel any better, only worse, so now I delete each one after I’ve addressed the sender.

It’s great getting feedback. THANK YOU! Even the negative emails that are constructive and worded nicely, are a blessing. Thank you.

As a self-proclaimed expert on the receiving end of complaint letters, I thought I would use my vast experience to serve those who feel compelled to write letters to their pastor, their school board, the store at the mall, a band leader, a charity to which they donate - or their favourite radio station.

Here are the official rules. ([sic]

Start your letter with an encouraging comment. The person receiving your complaint will likely not throw it directly in the trash if you start by saying something nice.

State your complaint. Explain the situation and how it makes you feel. Curb your anger - be nice.

Try to not threaten to stop your donations or say you’ll boycott the business if they don't do what you're asking. This is not nice. Just be nice.

Consider that your complaint may not be valid. I know, I know - there is no possible way this could happen but just pretend for a minute, and re-word it as if it were a slight possibility.

Try to not use the "F" word in your complaint. For some reason, it comes across a bit mean.

When you’re finished writing your complaint, sit on it for a few hours. I don’t mean to physically sit on it, although if I’m being honest, that’s probably where your letter belongs, but if you wait just a little while, you might find that you could have worded it, maybe....nicer?

Finally, remember to sign your name. I’m not saying that you’re a coward if you don’t. (I might be thinking it, but I’m not saying it.)  It’s just respectful to state your name, so the receiver feels as if there’s a real person behind the letter, not some angry, mean, self-medicated bully who probably yells at his/her dog when there's no more complaining to do. (I love dogs, so don't let me catch you doing that, either!)

That's it. Be nice. Sign your name. It's really that easy.

I’ve had my share of complaint letters and I’ve decided that from this day forward, I will not reply if there isn’t a name at the bottom. That’s just how I’m gonna do it.

So, here is the "radio edit" or "the short version" of my entire Blog. " Just, be nice."  Ya dig? No, seriously, just be nice.

And, for my Christian friends, I'm sure you need a scripture verse to make this legit, so here you go. "Let your gentleness be evident to all." Philippians 4:5

I love you beautiful people.


(This blog was written a week ago, and revised several times, after a dozen people who are much nicer than myself offered suggestions.) 

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