Monday, January 13, 2014


I rented the movie "Parkland" last night. It's the hospital that tended to the assassination of President Kennedy.

I loved this movie. It bombed at the box office - they lost millions of dollars. I don't know why.

Producers did a great job of blending the actual Dallas footage with the actors. The actress playing Jackie Kennedy had very few speaking lines, if any, but I could feel her anguish with her dying husband in her lap.

The guy who plays Oswald looks exactly like him.

There's a side plot about the character of Abraham Zapruder, who captured the assassination on Super 8, played by Paul Giamatti.  It was very heartfelt. Especially the aftermath.

Zac Efron played a minor role as the attending physician and pulls it off.

The movie is rated PG. If you're squeamish, the scenes in the ER are pretty bloody, but you never seen Kennedy's head and I didn't find it gory, perhaps because I knew what to expect.

After the movie, I found myself watch the original footage on You Tube and checking Wikipedia for the characters in the film.

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