Friday, December 6, 2013


Laid down for another tattoo.

I've thought about a tat on my left inner forearm for a while. A number of creative pieces went through my mind. Of course the thing that needs the most consideration is, this is permanent. How will I feel about the message in five years?  Or more?  Might it contradict my state of mind? Will I wake up one day and think "it's dumb?"

I spent a couple of months thinking about this one.

It is a lyric line to one of the songs by Anthem For Today. The song is "Inside Out" which won the Modern Rock Song of the Year award at the Covenant Awards. It was the award that clinched the idea.

"I'll shine like nobody's watching. The walls are down, I'm just what you see here. I'm inside out."

So, what if the band breaks up?  That doesn't affect my decision.  The tattoo isn't a tribute to the band but more so, a statement that rings true in my spirit. In fact, my band didn't even write the song. That honour goes to Trevor McNevan and Jamie Aplin. (Do you collect royalties from this?!)

My connection to "Inside Out" came before my being the Band Manager. During the production process it was the first song I heard, still in a demo format and I was asked to contribute to the arrangement to make it radio-friendly. Then I helped market the song and it was played on 15 stations across Canada

And, fine, ok - it's true. It does capture my commitment and enthusiasm for the best band in Canada - ANTHEM FOR TODAY!

One final thought - if you're thinking about getting a tattoo, think about it, lots. Then think again. Ask other people for their thoughts. If you're still in the career-seeking period of life, maybe don't get tattooed where an employer will see it. But once your career is established, and your spouse approves -  - go for it!

(Just as I posted this blog, the song plays on the radio!)


  1. Not a big fan of tats, here, but for sure if u'r going to do it, make sure that it's something that will last you to the end of this lifetime ... ya know, MOM works, too. Kinda good to be Inside Out, transparent. But everytime you show your tat to someone, u'll need to send Trevor and Jamie a Caramilk bar (or whatever their fav is). Forever! :)

  2. Gord - I know I know - that could get pricey if they both like Caramilk!


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