Monday, April 8, 2013


Tonight, me and the boys took over Riverside Fish and Chips in Durham to shoot a music video to promote the next single by Anthem For Today - "Earthquake".
Evan Director (director) and Pip Lucas (AFT singer)
The story concept was created by the band - Pip, Robbert, Davey, Ian and JP.  The idea was to show a band working as servers in a diner, and after the boss closed up shop and went home, the employees (the band) would ditch their smocks and don rock star gear. Then, the diner would be transfigured into a rock show with lights and a wild crowd partying it up! And that's about how it rolled out.

Sometimes an idea can be limited because of finances or opportunity, or basic viability, but nothing got in the way tonight. About 20 invited guests came, and jumped up and down on cue! Our director, Evan Duran, brought light gear and a storyboard of ideas. The owner of the diner, closed the restaurant down and gave us full reign of the place. Nothing was off-limits! We blew the circuit breakers several times!

As we all squeezed into the diner, the heat increased from the stage lighting and the crowd of people, and the music track was played reasonably loud enough for everyone to feel the vibe.

Bringing in the fans.
I watched from five feet away, as Anthem For Today assumed their alter egos!  The music track for "Earthquake" shook the building with the sound of the drums being the only live instrument. Man, it was exhilerating!

One of the scenes was filmed from the street, looking at the rockin' diner. And it WAS!  From the street, it was outrageously visible - the stage lights were flashing, the door was propped open so the (recorded) audio bled into the street and through the steamy windows you could see a crowd of people partying, madly! A guy was walking down the street and said to me, "Hey what's going on in there?!"  Haha!

We hope to release the video and new single around the first week of May so be watching for it on Facebook, and who knows where else!

See Anthem For Today performing "Inside Out", acoustic, at LIFE 100.3.

L-R JP Smits, G.I. Holm, Pip Lucas, Robbert van der Grift
 and the cute one Davey Hooper.

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