Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I know I’m stating the obvious.

As you may have read I am the Band Manager for Anthem For Today. (“Inside Out”, “Falling Asleep At The Wheel”) Last week I had three out of town days with the band and two personal days of activities. In the past five consecutive days of stuff often gave me panic attacks, so now I try to pace myself by declining events when I can.

Here’s the story.

Wednesday morning, very early at 8:15am (that’s very early for me) we travelled in two vehicles on our journey. The first stop was in Oshawa to pick up our guitarist. The second stop was in Belleville for an interview at UCB and schmooze with the Program Director. (It went great by the way)

CHRI - performing "Earthquake" for the staff.
 Next we pushed on to Ottawa for a show at Cornerstone Wesleyan Church. AFT was opening for Havenstance - our new rock and roll friends. After the show we explored the Byward Market and snacked at Zakk’s.

After the overnight in the hotel we visited CHRI and schmoozed there and with the extra time, did a bit of sightseeing at Hog’s Back. (The boys loved it! They were making video blogs along the way.)

Cornerstone Wesleyan Church, North Gower - G.I., Pip, Robbert and Davey.

UCB's Brad Linnard and me.
We made it to Toronto in time to shop for stage clothes (the boys, not me) and then take in the Anberlin concert at the Opera House.

Back in Barrie, we all crashed (some at my house) and the next morning, after a couple of hours attempting to do my radio job, we hit the road again for Newmarket where we opened for To Tell at Victory Baptist Church.

Zakk's in the Market - the Sundae Malfunction.
Skip ahead to the fourth day -the David Busby Street Centre Gala and Auction and the following morning I was drumming and speaking at Living For Jesus in Orillia.

Five days of stuff ain’t that much, really. Not for a band. But how do bands do it? How do they live like that? Add to it, sitting in airports!

No - I am not a rock star.
Cas (merch guy), Pip and G.I.


  1. i miss traveling like that. And airports too. Glad to hear your not getting old Scott.

  2. You're right Scott. You're not a rock Star. You're the mature guidance that keeps the young guys on the straight and narrow. Besides...You don't have the HAIR to be a ROCKSTAR!!!! LOL


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