Monday, June 21, 2010

Road Trip!

Off to London and Chatham! London for the CD release party for "So Much More" by To Tell and a visit with my radio friends Al Baker and Malcolm Hunt at 89.3 UCB Chatham/Kent.

Starting in Chatham, Al and I hung out in master control, from the third floor with a mega-window over the street. Ah, the envy of a studio window with a view! In this photo Al is showing me the computer software system that navigates UCB music, commercials and, if need be, a shuttle launch. Very high tech. What a great set-up!

Posing in the lobby is my buddy Malcolm Hunt, who just moved to Chatham from Edmonton where he worked at SHINE-FM as CEO or something very important. And Al Baker - the heart and soul of UCB in Chatham. He also has a large political button collection which is a little weird.

After the radio tour and a bunch of handshakes, we took off for London to catch To Tell's CD release party where I offered some "ideas on loan". To Tell performed the best I've seen them! Super-tight band, great new songs, which you probably hear on LIFE 100.3. Add to that a video of the band recording, food and the Light Division, $5 admission including the full length CD....! Man, it was a hot night in London. (Ya, the photo of me is the real colour - we had the roof off during the four hour ride from Barrie and I think I got a little sun!)

Wishing Zach, Nate, Josh and Jordan lots of summer success! And, so much more.

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