Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Daily devotions for me are not really a "daily." thing. I'm not a morning person so focusing on reading and responding without drifting or being distracted is nearly impossible.

I promise myself I'll do it at night. Something interrupts me. American Idol,or the gym. You can see where my priorities are. Hmmm!

Going thru my journal, I can see how my devotional time has wandered from daily to weekly, and on occasion - monthly.

Jesus used the A.C.T.S. acronym for the Lord's Prayer and I like that concept. I like it because it's a format and radio people love formats!

Adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication/requests.

But, with adoration starting the sequence, I can't get started without sounding trite.

One friend told me to use the Psalms in prayer but I really don't talk in David's style so it sounds insincere. I tried "the message" version, which is better, but, well, not me.

One friend told me to skip "A" and go to "C" and leave the "A" til the end. The order doesn't matter. I tried that. Not bad.

Another friend told me to take a Psalm of praise and re-write it to suit my own thoughts and circumstance. Not a translation, but a thought-starter. It works! It's awesome!

And because I journal my devotions, I have my own "adoration" words to get primed for what's to come!

Very cool!

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