Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chocolates For The Dog

We got our silver Christmas Tree up and decorated but I think this is the last year - it's on it's last legs.

When I was a kid, my parents put up the Christmas tree and each day there would be a couple more presents added around the base. I mean there were hundreds of presents. By Christian eve there was close to a million! Sure seemed that way - I was just a kid!

Now, my wife is "Christmas crazy". She plays Christmas CDs at home and in the car. I have to pull out the cd and turn the "radio" back on quite frequently! Everything in our house is Christmas-related. All the nicknacks are in the spare room to make room for Santa and wreathes.

I recall one Christmas, many years ago, with our dog Moffat. My wife thoughtfully wrapped a box of maraschino cherry chocolates for me and put the wrapped gift under the tree. Mmmm my favourite! Well apparently they were Moffat's favourite too because when we got home from work that day, the wrapping was all over the living room and the box was devoured - there were chocolates were all over the floor- along with a lot of dog vomit.

Lesson to all: don't leave food gifts under the tree if you have pets!

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