Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The show dates.
Facebook reminded me that it was one year ago of a very special family event. My son Brett and his wife Gretyl, began an international tour of with band Handsome and Gretyl. I went on board as the Tour Manager and my wife Janice joined us as the nanny, looking after Brett's kid's while he performed evening shows.

The tour began in Seattle and crossed many states into Canada, returning in Seattle.

We shared the expense of a 31-foot RV that acted as our home for the month, as well as transporting stage gear. We slept on board, cooked and ate, had meetings and enjoyed family time.

I've toured with local bands on weekend dates but not for weeks and weeks and certainly not covering the miles of this H&G Summer Tour.

From Seattle, to L.A., to Nashville and Toronto - and many more cities. A few promoters ended up becoming Facebook friends, following me long after the tour ended.

I learned new things about artist management on this tour - learning is great! Especially when it's music-based.

It's been fun to look back over these photos and I've posted a few of the show highlights and the extra stops along the way.

A day off at a beach near Dallas.

Visiting Southfork Ranch - home of J.R. Ewing.

A sketchy venue but a fun show.

Visiting the life-size ark in Kentucky.

The James Dean crash site memorial in California.

The intersection where James Dean crashed and died.

The Mint - downtown L.A.

Somewhere. Brett driving, me navigating.

The Mint - great venue, great lights, great sound, great show.

Early morning sunrise over Tennessee.


"Just can't keep my eyes open!"

A tour highlight - playing Rock The Lake in Orillia.

Meeting up with my radio friend Tim Cardascia in Sacramento.

Private party in Sacramento.

Seattle - the beginning.


Shawnee Ok. Private Party.

Stopping to play in the waterpark.


Placing a bid for an item in Alice Cooper's Phoenix restaurant.

Alice Cooper's Cooper'stown.

Oro Station - private party.

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