Wednesday, March 22, 2017


About a dozen years ago I ventured to take up playing drums. My friend Gideon Courtney was my teacher, with weekly lessons. While I was in no way a natural musician, I found I was able to keep a fairly steady beat if I stuck to the basics.

I got a few opportunities to play at church from time to time. Then, a couple of years ago, I discovered the cajon! At last, I have found a musical instrument that I love to play! And, maybe, have acquired some skill.

I remember the first time I saw this unusual instrument. It was at the LIFE 100.3 1st anniversary party. Scott Krippayne was the performer and his percussionist played a cajon. A guy, sitting on a wooden box, banging it, and from it came many intriguing beats and sounds!

One day, a few years ago, there was a cajon sitting by my office door, handmade and delivered by a listener. What a coincidence! I was thinking about buying a cajon! It's become a huge blessing!

So now, you might say I'm the boy with a beat.

Now, a few years have past and I've become fairly competent with it. And, I've added some extra effects, like a few shakers, a train whistle, a siren whistle, a guiro, a vibraslap, tambourine, woodblocks, a triangle, splash cymbal, djembe and some bell horns.

In addition to playing nearly weekly at Living For Jesus Outreach Ministries in Orillia, I'm playing with a few friends who each present a different style of music and more variety for me.

Love playing, anytime, anywhere!  I especially love playing along side a drummer on a kit!

All of my percussion stuff.

Playing with John Par and the boys in Elora.

Sitting on the cajon, with a kick pedal and shaker.

Me and Tom Roe playing at Amica in Barrie.

Playing with John and Kevin, (and Steve on spoons) at
Living For Jesus in Orillia.

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