Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Air Raid 25 featuring Manic Drive, with KJ-52, Leina and The Walk, May 14, 2016
 at Trinity Community Church in Oro Station.
KJ-52 and me.

hanging in the office at rock and roll central

My last day with Anthem For Today - in Kingston on Good Friday.

Cruise to Belize

The LIFE DJ's with guest speaker Adrian Bell.


Living on the waterfront

New floor

Coke tat for my birthday

Me speaking at Banting Memorial Secondary School

The CKLC on-air guys - reunion.

hanging with Eric Tremblay at CJAI

To Tell playing in my house.

Brian Wilson at Massey Hall

Dan Bremnes and the band at my house

Alice Cooper at Rama

Paul McCartney in Hamilton


Teaching Kyler to ride

Kai and me.

35th anniversary

Silent auction for the Alice photo.

Handsome and Gretyl Tour in Nashville

The RV that took us across the country.

Jake Stanley and Cody Marshall with me - xmas party

Visiting JR Ewing at Southfork Ranch, Dallas

Good to see Tim Cardascia again, in Sacremento


Visiting the James Dean crash site - L.A.


Handsome and Gretyl in L.A.

The Mint in L.A.

Former site of CBGBs New York

Tim and Ros Maassarany visiting.

Hanging with the PM


Visiting Jason at Easter

Mark Lindsay in New York at the Beacon.

Times Square

Luke Langman and me - LIFE xmas party

Crystal, AJ, Janice and me.

Jimmy Needham at Rock The Lake


The best gym - San Francisco

Me and Crystal at Rock The Lake

The cell in Alcatraz

Haight Ashbury in San Francisco

Tim Maassarany at Sharathon

Sharaton - Jay Davis, me and Tim Maasarany

Giving away a hot tub - Andrew Robertson, Todd Gale,
me, winner, owner, Steve Jones

Rolling Stones Exhibitionism, me remixing "Doom and Gloom"

me and Pastor Wayne Lucas.
Miss you Kingston.

The LIFE staff at I Fly Toronto. L-F - Todd, TVD, Steve, Cathy, me, Crystal, Luke
Jillian, Cody, Jake, Tim, Luke, Glen

me with The Color

Pastor Jim and Pat Woolcott

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