Wednesday, May 4, 2016


It's true. I've not been much of "a kid person".  I think it's the sticky fingers near my CDs that makes me cautious!

When my kids were young, kid-talk wasn't in my wheel house. Some people are great talking to kids, with the "gootchie-gootchie-goo" - but it just wasn't me.

I went to my kids ball games, and school showcases and church presentations and I really liked watching MY kids do their thing but having to wait for all the other kids to do their thing was frustrating.

In North Bay, when Crystal was about ten years old she did a skit in a church play about sitting on the fence. "I can't make up my mind so I think I'll just sit on the fence." I don't know if she knew what she was representing in a spiritual sense, but I remember it being very profound when it came out of her mouth.
Both Crystal and Brett were very much into baseball and we enrolled them in a league every year. I have a recollection of a very young Brett in the outfield, sitting down, picking at the grass instead of watching where the ball was being batted. Many of the other youngsters were distracted as well. It was funny.
Brett will be 30 next year. It seems like forever since they were youngsters. So, I am out of practice.

But now, I'm a grandparent of four boys and the fun has begun. Plus, they're cute. Check out these super-cute pictures. My grandkids are cuter than YOUR grandkids!

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